seeding and fertilizing

At Huntington Landscaping, we care deeply about giving each and every one of our customers the best possible lawns at their properties, and through a range of lawn maintenance services, we believe that we can achieve the optimal outcome for all of those situations. We understand the mechanisms that allow lawns to flourish intimately, so we’re also ideally placed to handle the installation of a brand new lawn through seeding and fertilizing processes – of course, these techniques can also be used to bolster the quality and health of your existing lawn, if necessary. To find out more about our seeding and fertilizing service, all you need to do is read on further below. Of course, if you have any questions that you need answered, our customer service team is available over the phone at your convenience.


Fresh Lawns

When it comes to the installation of a new lawn, there are generally a few different approaches you can take to get the work completed. Firstly, there’s traditional seeding and fertilizing. A time-honored technique, this can certainly result in an attractive and healthy lawn. Another approach is hydroseeding – which involves spraying a mix of seeds, water, and fertilizer onto a prepared soil surface. This technique is becoming increasingly popular across the United States. Finally there’s sod installation – the rolling of fresh turf down onto a prepared surface, which gives you an immediate “finished” lawn. We’re happy to take on any of these processes on your behalf.


Spot Seeding

Spot seeding is a well-established technique for restoring lawns back to full healthy when they’re looking patchy, but it’s particularly commonly used where there are areas on your lawn which are completely bare. Most people that have had a lawn have experienced this at one time or another – it’s extremely frustrating when you have a small area ruining the aesthetic of your lawn which you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Our spot seeding is a first class way of overcoming these difficulties to get the attractive, healthy lawn that you’ve always wanted.



Have you ever had a lawn where there aren’t any big patches missing, but generally, the lawn appears a bit thin and bare? It’s not an attractive look, and it can be hard to understand why this happens. For those situations, it’s critical that you use overseeding service available through our team to get the situation resolved. Overseeding is an effective way to make your lawns thicker, fuller, and more attractive – but it’s crucial that a professional carries out the process, otherwise you stand to waste plenty of seed, and you could even damage your lawn.


Fertilizing Needs

While seeding techniques like overseeding and spot seeding are an excellent way of restoring your lawn back into a better condition, they won’t work as expected unless you employ proper fertilizing processes too. Fertilizing your lawn will ensure that there are nutrients in place that are needed for strong and sustainable growth. Alongside watering, your fertilizer is one of the best tools that you have in your arsenal.