lawn maintenance

It should come as no surprise given our name, but one of the most popular services that we provide at Huntington Landscaping is lawn maintenance. We’re experts at getting lawns into their optimal condition, and also at keeping them in that state across the entirety of the year. We know what each kind of grass needs, how the soil composition present affects their growth and health, and which treatments could prove damaging if they’re administered. Some people mistakenly think that caring for lawns is easy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many people put in hundreds of hours trying to get their lawns looking attractive and healthy, but never manage to succeed. You can avoid a fate like that by placing your trust in our experienced lawn care service – we’re confident you’ll never make a better investment for your property.


Lawn Mowing

Of course, any lawn maintenance service will make clear that mowing the lawn is a critical aspect of general lawn service. But it’s not just as simple as cutting the grass to an attractive height. Many people don’t realize it, but there is an optimal height for lawns to be cut at! First and foremost, this height isn’t damaging for the growth and health of the grass – and secondly, it looks great! We’ll take care of lawn cutting on your behalf to keep it in an attractive and healthy state, cutting at regular intervals as and when it’s needed.


Comprehensive Service

Obviously, the needs and care requirements for lawns extend far beyond mere mowing – so how else can we assist you with your lawn? Lawns need to be fertilized on a regular basis, ensuring that the soil is healthy and balanced, with enough nutrients for strong and sustainable growth. They also need to be watered on a consistent basis too. This requires a keen sense of the lawn’s needs, since it’s easily possible to over or under-water the lawn if you’re not careful. In some cases, it’s also worth aerating the lawn if the circumstances demand it.


Weed Removal

Anybody with even a small amount of lawn care knowledge understands that weeds represent a significant threat to the lawn that you have in place. If they’re left neglected, it’s possible that they’ll spread across the entirety of your lawn, devastating the hard work that you’ve invested by ruining the surface. Thorough and precise weed removal ensures that this cannot happen, and it’s advisable to make sure this is carried out as soon as you see any weeds. Of course, it’ll need to be done on a regular basis to ensure there are no relapses.


General Benefits

Ideally, we carry out lawn maintenance to achieve two benefits for your lawn. The first of these is to make sure that it’s in a condition that guarantees long term, sustainable health. This is usually indicated by the deep, vibrant green that you get with well-looked after lawns. Clearly, an additional benefit of this is that the lawn is going to look fantastic too!