If you’re looking for a service that can look after the outdoor spaces in your property and you’re not sure who to turn to, you’re in luck – at Huntington Landscaping, we provide a landscaping service of the highest quality. Landscape design and landscape maintenance are really important for achieving and maintaining an attractive, artistic, and sustainable outdoor environment at your property – regardless of whether you’re in charge of a residential or commercial property. We know that we have the capability and experience to handle any landscaping request that we’re handed by our customers – and that none of the other local landscapers will be able to live up to the standards that we keep. To get some further insights into the landscaping service that we provide, and just why you ought to place your trust in our team, read on below.


Landscape Design

Before we do any physical labor, it’s generally advisable to have our landscape designers look at your property’s outdoor spaces so that we can make suggestions and offer guidance on how you might want to proceed. Many of the customers that we work with have some idea of what they want from their outdoor space, but haven’t got the first clue of how to implement that in the space. Of course, other people have very clear expectations and demands, and just want us to install it for them. We’re happy to help in either case, and a first class result is absolutely assured with us.


Landscape Installation

Once you have a clear concept of how you’d like your outdoor space to look and the features that you’d like to have integrated into the space, we can begin the physical work required to achieve that outcome. Our landscapers are highly accomplished individuals, and we have complete faith in them to take on the required labor to get your outdoor space into an attractive and functional condition. They’ll work hard, with attention to detail and meticulousness at the same time, which means you’ll have a perfect landscape in much less time than you’d imagine.


Enhancing Natural Features

Generally speaking, we think it’s advisable to take note of the natural landscape features that are already present on your property, and use them to your advantage by making them part of the landscape design. Partly this is because natural features tend to elevate the quality of the space, but it also means less labor is required – and it’ll therefore cost less for you as well. Obviously, if you’d prefer a more manicured aesthetic, we’d be happy to offer assistance with that too.


General Landscaping

Our landscaping service is available to look after your outdoor spaces once the design and installation work is complete – and we are certain you’ll be thrilled with what’s on offer. We can provide specialist plant and tree care, ensuring that the greenery present is healthy and happy, but we’re also ready to clear up natural mess and debris, take on lawn cutting service, and even weed removal.