about our team

At Huntington Landscaping, our goal is to provide high value, high quality lawn care and landscaping service to the residential and commercial properties across the Huntington, New York area – and this is something that we believe we’ve done to the highest standard during our years in this industry. We know exactly how to make sure each and every property is looked after, ensuring that it lives up to its full potential – and we’ve acquired this knowledge through years of hard work and passionate training. Nothing matters more to us than the complete satisfaction of our valued customers, so we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve a final service outcome that you’re pleased with. This is part of why we so often find ourselves going the extra mile by making special accommodations – we want only the best results.


Our local landscapers are the best in the business, and exactly the kind of people that you’d want looking after your properties. They have decades of experience in this line of work between them, so we’re confident that they’re never going to come across any circumstances that they don’t know how to handle. You can get access to the services that we provide for far less than you might expect as well – we prioritize affordability as a feature of our business, since we want to help as many people across our community as possible. For any lawn maintenance or landscaping needs going forward, think of Huntington Landscaping.